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The start.

I started out just yesterday, under the huge banyan tree that has permanent residence in a field on the highway, off about a hundred metres from it. Smack in the middle of the field of wheat, the huge tree has a round clear area around it, which though unoccupied by the surrounding wheat crop; is still covered with wild flowers.

I’d been meaning to stop by this place since a very long time now, but everyday, I had to surpass this urge in favor of my work. But today, my feet automatically lifted up from the accelerator and rested on the brakes. 

Now, there’s usually something in a person’s life that leads them to quiet, calm places like these. But there was nothing wrong of those sorts. I was happy and content. I had a brilliant career, loving husband, a three year old son and great friends.

But as I sat there, I thought to myself. Why did it felt so right? Despite of knowing the fact that somewhere deep; deep down, I have always been an outsider, looking in; I was settled and relaxed. So what was I doing here? What was special about today?

I got the answer almost immediately, when the field’s aged owner, a woman in mid fifties; covered in grass and holding a few harvested wheat crops over her shoulder looked right at me. She stared at me for a minute. I must be looking so out of the place, with my formal clothes, unpractical heels, a designer handbag and no company. I make people under me run for cover; and yet I sat squirming under her gaze.

After a minute, she gave me a smile, raising her unoccupied hand and beckoning me over.

I unstrapped my heels quicker than I’d ever before. Such was the feel of my country’s soil. What was special about today? It was the day of my rebirth.

The day I truly found myself. The day I started my journey of truly being alive.



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