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Thadi issues.

So, a funny thing happened. I met a foreign national yesterday. God bless his poor soul, out of the all the normal English speaking Indians, he bumped into me. I had no clue that it was just his first day here, when he asked for a little guidance.
After I had informed him of the basics, he asked me a question so difficult that I was stumped.

“What is this?” He asked, after pointing at a thadi. “I’ve seen this everywhere!”

Empty and small inverted oil drums around a makeshift stove, with tea boiling over it, they even seemed to offer snacks with the tea.
I couldn’t help myself then.

“This? Hey, this is a national chain of roadside cafés, they’re meant to provide the visitors authentic rural experience even in an urban environment! They’re way cheaper and their food and drinks are super fresh. They even endorse the open kitchen philosophy, see, we can see their head chef as he cooks! They even take great care each morning, getting ready to look like that.”

You can say that he was giddy with excitement and we ended up sitting on the drums; sipping tea, eating toast and talking about Trump, though he wasn’t an American.

And sometime after, the good thadi chef even provided with a complimentary Samosa (Indian Patties).

Needless to say, the proud Indian chef didn’t accept money from us.